February 18, 2005

Upgraded to 'Lousy'

Today I'm feeling only "lousy" which is a big improvement over the last two days, when I was going through the states of "miserable" and "death warmed over." The funny thing is, despite feeling nauseous and diarrheal, nothing really happened. I'd make my way to the porcelain altar, and eventually leave without having left any sacrifices (as it were).

Whatever got me, it sure took all my energy and stuffed my head full of cotton. I owe a big debt to Elizabeth for staying home yesterday to help take care of Dorothy (who's finally getting better), because I couldn't have done it myself. I was able to keep Dorothy alive, and even entertained, for most of today, since I was feeling so much better ("better" being a relative term).

Thanks for the suggestions in the comments on previous posts! Dorothy didn't poop at all yesterday, and today she had her first non-diarrhea poops in a long damn time, so I'm thinking that she either doesn't have C. difficile or else she's over it [knock on wood]. She's been eating pretty darn well for the last day or two, as well, so hopefully her weight will be returning to normal as well.

Posted by Tom Nugent at February 18, 2005 08:22 PM
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