March 28, 2005

Bad Drivers

Boston is supposed to be the bad-driver capital of the US (except maybe for New York City, but no one drives there except the cabs). But today I saw what was probably the most egregious example of bad driving I have ever witnessed, much worse than anything I ever saw in Boston.

An SUV was in a parking lot on Bellevue Way, and wanted to get to the Arby's down the street. To do this legally, he would have had to turn left onto Bellevue Way, go 1/4 block, and turn left off Bellevue Way into the parking lot. But that would have required waiting for cross traffic. So instead, he just drove down the sidewalk. I was so stunned I failed to get his license plate number.

He didn't even go into the Arby's - he just cut through their lot onto another street.

Posted by Elizabeth Nugent at March 28, 2005 09:17 PM
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